Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh Baby, it's still Halloween!

I know, everyone is busy, you have this to do and that to do...
but ya know, with all we have to get done, we still think,
The Orange and Black...jump starts the holidays!
It's the costumes, it's the candy!
I'm still creating Halloween.
and I just listed this Jack on Ebay!
He's festive, he's fun, and he would look so good
on your Halloween treat table!
And after Halloween?
You still have pumpkins to display, the abundance
of Autumn!
The turning leaves, the color of Orange,
and even the nut, that the squirrels hide away!
So take a look here,
for Jack,
and then search AHQU on Ebay,
and look at all the wonderful Art that
reflects the abundance of Fall!!!

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