Thursday, November 18, 2010

White Christmas Skelly

SkellytonArt is celebrating Christmas time with this hand-painted glass ornament on Ebay now until Nov 23rd. Click here
See AHQU2 on Ebay now for Angels,Snowmen and more! Click here


GobbleGoo's By Trish said...

Oh I just love white christmas Skelly! He is to cute......


Gourdqueen said...

Those pics on the ebay auction crack me up!
Love him!

Skellyton Art said...

Thank you Ladies!
I had a very difficult time finding Christmas music to go with the pics that didn't make me gag...LOL....thank you "drifters"

ya many years of them pounding in my ears during the retail torture :( Hearing those songs takes me right back to it!

It is so wonderful to be painting once again! Thank YOU!

Her Art Nest said...

This skelly is just too cute! He has the sweetest face. Love, love, love it. Thanks for sharing, Nan