Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Queen's Halloween Steampunk Challenge

We like to keep things interesting at the Queens Castle. To do that, we challenge ourselves to try new things. We always have a blast and the end result never fails to be spooktacular!

Here's a look a few of our artists' works in progress for the Queen's Steampunk Challenge. For more information on these pieces and the artist, follow the links to their blogs.

Lisa (or Queen Honey B as we like to call her) of Pearl Avenue Studios, has created this Steampunkin. He has a faucet for a nose....awesome!

Pearl Avenue Studios Blog

Queen Denice of Creates4Fun created what she originally called a "Ghost Locator", then changed to "Scientific Apparition Locator". It has more of a Victorian appeal. But the hardest part, according to Denice, was deciding what to make. I agree Denice, but am fascinated by your decision!

Email Denice

Queen Lisa of Corby's Cats created this unique witch mobile.

The witch head, hands, hat and body were hand sculpted out of polymer clay, then painted.

The witches "vehicle" was made out of a 4 inch metal dryer duct--some dowels and some antique drawer pulls. The fan that powers her craft REALLY WORKS...it's a fan out of a computer processor and it runs on a 9 volt battery. When the switch is turned on there's lots of wind to the rear of the fan and there are a couple of bats trailing behind the witch's craft when the fan is on. How cool is that!

Corby's Cats Blog


Beadwright said...

Love these. However, the banner is beyond awesome.

Patience said...

These are fabulous -- very imaginative and lots of fun!