Monday, March 1, 2010

We Have Ten Winners!!!

Here are the winners of our Halloween Queen's Castle Bootique Grand Opening Giveaway!!
Thank you all for your wonderful comments and support! If you haven't visited the Bootique please hop on over and do some shopping!

Here are the lucky winners, listed by each artist whose giveaway they won.

Madame K - Faerie Moon
Candy - Baronesd Bijoutery
Honey B - Athena
Peachie - Emily R
Diane - Tumbleweed
Jamie - Sue McGee Email
Lisa - Tamara
Lorraine - Jules
Paint - Audrey
Gourdie - Southern Fried Art

Each artist will be contacting you!



Tumbleweed Trails said...

A huge thank you to all of the Halloween Queens on the Grand Opening of your Bootique and the generosity of those who donated their incredible works of art for the celebration giveaway.

Congrats to all of the winners, myself included for winning such splendid works of art.

I look forward to my continued following of your Bootique and of course all of the blogs and other places you all sell your arttistic treasures.


Southern Fried Art said...

Oh wow Thank you what a wonderful way to start the day !

Beadwright said...

Congratulations to all your winners. I know these are some happy people.


Tamara Dozier said...

I soooo excited! Thank you for having this fun giveaway and I look forward to receiving my wonderful prize!